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About Us

All of Amber Tooth jewelry is handmade in Lithuania. We are still working on this page and soon you will be able to read about every member of our team. 

Juste Winder, founder of Amber Tooth.

“I was born in Lithuania, where the shards of Baltic amber can be found scattered on the sea shore. I spent 6 exciting years of my life  living and studying in London – that’s where I got my MA in Philosophy and made many sophisticated friends. I’ve spent several winters backpacking in India, where I’ve studied yoga, got several Yoga TTC’s and tried a bunch of different alternative health treatments, card readings, personal horoscopes, Ayurvedic cleanses among other things that I would rather keep between me and those “healers”. What I'm trying to say is that I've learned so much along my journey so far, mostly about myself. 

I have always been curious about the possibilities of reconciling science and spirituality, traditional medicine and alternative medicines, on this site I strive to provide honest information and the latest news about amber research.

The beliefs in healing properties of amber are deeply ingrained in Lithuanian culture. I am very excited to bring these beautiful gems with their healing potential to the rest of the world. Hawaii has been my home for the past three years, yet the whole planet is our collective home…”