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 "I was about 5 when I started having terrible nightmares and couldn’t sleep for years. Every night I would crawl into my parents bed crying. My mom tried different kinds of medicines and foods to help alleviate my suffering. She consulted her mother’s friends and child psychologists, but nothing and no one seemed to work. One day someone advised her to put a massive amber necklace underneath my pillow, so she did. I still remember its chunky orange amber beads, the weight of it and the sound of it clattering in my tiny hands…

It worked. I have not had any sleep problems since! I don’t know whether it was a placebo or the magic energy stored in the 44 million year old material that cured my insomnia, and I don’t want to. I don’t think you always need to know the answers."

Juste Winder, writer and founder of Amber Tooth , Hawaii

I’ve always been drawn to amber as I feel its strong energy and I think it looks absolutely beautiful. It’s crazy to think that it dates from millions of years ago.
When I was a teenager, my parents gave me an amber ring as a gift, which I loved. I lost it long time ago and was so excited to see that Amber Tooth carry beautiful amber rings! I got one and was very happy and proud to wear this beautiful piece of jewelry!
- Osha Key, Nutritionist and Health Coach on